11 April 2011

The Spirit Of '57: Sunday Best & Paper Hats

These images span January through July of 1957.

My Grandparents, Uncle, Mother and Cousins (and assorted family friends) celebrate My Aunt Karen's Christening, participate in a Saint Joseph Hill Academy Spring Pageant and celebrate Easter as well as my Uncle Kevin's 4th Birthday.  I think my cousin Donald is the husky kid at the head of the table in the photo above with his mother Peggy (an extremely sweet and funny lady) behind him.  

At far left in the same photo is my grandmother's lifelong friend Audrey (whom we all called Aunt Audrey).  She was two weeks older than my Grandmother and grew up next door to her in Port Richmond.  Their mothers were close friends and on the day in 1928 that my Grandmother was born, Audrey's mother came over to the house and placed two-week old Audrey in a crib so she could help the midwife with the at-home birth.  Not only was she present for my Grandmother's birth, but she was a fixture at all of our family functions.  Aunt Audrey also holds a special place in my heart because it was her blue cabin in Speculator, New York that we visited each Summer for fourteen years.  She and her husband (Uncle Eddie) allowed my grandparents and I annual use of the modest, but comfortable cabin and set the table for countless fantastic memories among the pines and lakes of the Adirondack Mountains.