29 December 2007

December 2007: Self Portrait Studies & Back Matter

I decided to celebrate the eve of 2008 (and my upcoming 35th birthday) with a new self portrait. I did the final version on an 8x10" watercolor paper and attached it inside of my sketchbook after all the roughs and color studies.
Behind that, as there is in all of my books, there is "back matter" collected over the past few months...

Sketchbook pages and back matter. 22-27 December 2007.

27 December 2007

Scott's Big 'Ol House (And Barn): Part 6

A fixture. A napping dog. A reflected view.
Master bedroom. Scott's house. Yardville, NJ. 26 December 2007.

24 December 2007

Mini-Village: Over The Top Tabletop

And what to my wondering eyes should appear but this amazing outdoor installation...
A visual feast on a very large table of meticulously arranged and displayed items.
I look forward to pulling up on this street and getting out of the car to marvel at it every year. Millington, NJ. 11pm. 24 December 2007.

Lit Up In Late December

A sprawling and wonderfully tacky place called KatManDu.
Trenton, NJ. 23 December 2007.

21 December 2007

November-December 2007 Sketchbook Pages

Side Studies during finish work... Party favors... Notes from the completion of a personal assemblage for home... And some leftovers from a large gift collage that were worked up into their own full-page piece. November - December 2007.

Phases Of A Winter Sky (Part 2)

These are most certainly worth a click... enlarge!
On the way to a Christmas party in Pennsylvania with Scott. December 2007.

Scott's Big 'Ol House (And Barn): Part 5

Crystal Visions in Scott's living room. Evening. 14 December 2007.