30 July 2018

Town & Country: Summer In Full Flourish

Vines in the city. Vines in the country.

Clouds here. Clouds there. Clouds everywhere.

What cat coughed up THIS fur ball?

Timepieces and treasures.

Reflected in glass and water.

Rest in peace, Tab Hunter.

Mom convinced me to buy the coat.

One of the best worst albums ever.

This cake is imitating Elvis.

These glasses are imitating Steve.

Hello back atcha!

That's MISTER Faggot to you!

A classic beauty that's been
behind my mechanic's garage for years.

My shelled friends are more playful than ever.

Hanging with a couple of young bucks.

Sleepy moments in country and city...

The wisdom of Cesar Chavez.

Mom convinced me to buy the
1980s retro Maui & Sons hoodie.

That Wonder Woman I found in 
the park has a nice new home now.

Madonna's first album is 35 years old.

I'm still making friends with deer.
Some of them are friendlier than others.

July, you get me. You really get me.