31 July 2007

7 A.M. On The Turnpike

Foot on the pedal, finger on the shutter release. Breathing in scents of Kearny and Elizabeth (mustard gas and roses, as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. would say) on a hazy July morning. On the way to work. 31 July 2007.

Oh Wow. Yawn...

Personalized toilet paper dispenser. 11th floor men's room. Parsons Downtown. 30 July 2007.

Live From The Mother Ship

Ceiling of Tishman Auditorium. New School 12th St. building... where "Live From The Actor's Studio" was taped for years before finding a new space. 30 July 2007.

12th Floor

Skylight in central 12th floor studio. Parsons Downtown. NYC. 30 July 2007.

29 July 2007

Sacred Ground And Some Forgotten

This graveyard seems to be split into two distinct areas with a definitive division line between front and back, the back portion being very poorly kept. Many of the overgrown and obscured graves back there have markings that are completely eroded while others that appear MUCH older are perfectly legible. 29 July 2007.

Flipside: Sarah Jane & Mary Ann

Double-sided gravestone of Sarah Jane Terrell (died at 16 years in 1854) and Mary Ann Terrell (died at 19 years in 1852). Overgrown and unkempt back portion of Mt. Bethel Meeting House Cemetery. King George Road. Warren, NJ. 29 July 2007.

27 July 2007

Quiet 9th Street Tube

The site of many of mad dashes to a departing train for me. 9th St. West Village. NYC. 2007.

11th Street Cemetery Triangle

Paying my digital respects at a small triangular pocket graveyard on the way to a Friday afternoon event. The Second Cemetery of the Spanish and Portugese Synagogue. 11th St. NYC. 27 July 2007.

City Center: LuPone Gypsy

City Center Interior and theatre legend Patti LuPone with fans. During the final week of a limited engagement of Gypsy. NYC. Thursday 26 July 2007.

Skyward Glance: Bryant Park

Vertical growth above Bryant Park. 26 July 2007.

Goodbye House, Goodbye Stairs

Demolished... exposed. Sulfuric, humid, grimy, heavy day. Midtown NYC.
I'm guessing Olga and her Hairdressers have since relocated. July 2007.

Old Yet Ever New

Something I have walked past countless times, seen with new eyes.
New York Public Library and Bryant Park. NYC. July 2007.

Bond 45: Repro & Retro

Smaller scale retro reproductions of the Bond Clothing signs that shone out onto Times Square for decades. NYC. 26 July 2007.

Another 2007 Sketchbook Collage

Double page spread layered during Spring and Summer 2007 amid drawings and side studies.

24 July 2007

Of Lash And Trash

Sidewalk trash. Drag detritus? Morning. Chelsea. NYC. 24 July 2007.
(Oh, that reminds me... RIP Tammy Faye.)

Skyward Glance: West 39th Street

The silent swoop of a crane. The grinding hum of elevators.
A future skyline feature in progress. 39th St. between 8th and 9th Ave.
NYC. 24 July 2007.

Pork Shop Of The Past

Amazingly, some things survive time and cultural shifts. More living vintage. Midtown West. NYC. July 2007.

No Clams But The Hand Remains

I've walked under it thousands of times, yet never shot a picture of it before today. Closed and gutted years ago, but the finger still points... however at a gay bar called "The Cage". Exit the ghost of Sinatra, very unthrilled. Hoboken, NJ. July 2007.

21 July 2007

Wanna Go For A Ride?

Christian and Scott hop in the car. Top down, music roaring.

A beautiful ride through roads cut alongside a river.

A walk along the bridge, just before the sun is to set.

Watching the sun make her great escape behind girders and branches.

A stroll past some homes with treasures displayed.

Breathing in the ivy and the cooling air.

Stolling along the canal and its green feast.

A barge rests near the locks, awaiting its next passengers.

Dusk is soon to bring the delights of electric light.

Back on the other side of the same river...

A night garden spreads itself along forgotten railroad tracks.

Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA. 20 July 2007.