30 January 2013

Many-Colored Comings & Goings

24 - 30 January 2013: 
More of the places I went to and more of what I saw and did there.

24 January 2013

Things I Saw And Did

I saw more than one brilliant winter sunset from a fantastic vantage point.

Scott and I shopped and then had a blast with Kristen (and many others) for her birthday...

Yes, this pretty much summed up the whole evening of food and fun.

I enjoyed looking at a cool vintage 1940s sailor (in ceramic form) from my friend Steve.

I was amused by some worn-out looking character cupcakes at a diner.

Scott played Bodhisattva on my couch as we watched movies.

I gleaned some wisdom from a print on the wall of a restaurant lobby.

I captured a sliver of sunset unretouched (above) and then tweaked and filtered it (below)...

I accepted an Instagram Photo Challenge whose subject line was "Timeless"...

I used it to take a few moments to commemorate some timeless (and precious) family artifacts.

I let the sun's warmth shine through my windshield despite the bitter arctic temperatures.