30 December 2010

Midnight @ The B'ville Cinemas

Bernardsville, New Jersey.  30 December 2010.

That Midtown Glow

Everything looks like it's lit for the holidays... Even the things that aren't.  NYC.  29 December 2010.


If you didn't come to party... you really didn't have a choice.
Every seat in the house was a great seat.  Every moment was pure magic.  
Prince was ON HIS GAME in every conceivable way tonight.

MANY thanks to Kristen for inviting me to join her for a show that exceeded our already high expectations of this timeless, ageless artist.  We are so lucky to have an all around songwriter, performer and personality who doesn't have to try... he just simply IS.  

I'm also lucky to have such wonderful folks to share the love with....

1. The Beautiful Ones 2. Let's Go Crazy 3. Delerious 
4. 1999 5.  Little Red Corvette 
6. Uptown 7. Raspberry Beret 8. Cream 
9. Cool 10. Let's Work 11. U Got The Look 
12. The ? Of U  13. Purple Rain

14. Kiss  15. She's Always In My Hair  16. If I Was Your Girlfriend (With Janelle Monae)

17. Condition Of The Heart  18. Do Me, Baby  19. I Wanna Be Your Lover
20. How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore  21. Sometimes It Snows In April

22. Jungle Love (With Cyndi Lauper & Egypt Sherrod)

    29 December 2010

    Parking Lot Glacier @ Twilight

    I wonder how many shopping carts are buried beneath THIS behemoth.
    Strip mall parking lot off of Route 1.  Princeton, NJ.  28 December 2010.

    Exterminating The Zeitgeist

    No other store rides the zeitgeist with the marketing savvy of C.H. Martin in Ewing, New Jersey.  
    Such timely grace.  Such merchandising class...  Truly inspiring.

    Sunlit & Snowbound

    After the snow.  Scott's house.  Yardville, NJ.  28 December 2010.

    26 December 2010