31 August 2007

Placement Sketches: West Village NYC

A "dry sketch" and then a double page context spread...working from my own photos. Studies for central image on left panel of "We Are Students Of Games And Leverage". 29-30 August 2007.

More Characters & Grapplers: Late August 2007

Sketchbook work for next diptych. Mixed tube and pan watercolors. Notes read: "Listening to Bat For Lashes". On these days, I was also frequently listening to a web-rip of PJ Harvey Live From Manchester 07-07-07." 29-31 August 2007.

Skyscape: Princeton Airport

A sunset. Painted by Late August. Airport. Princeton, NJ. 2007.


A jewelbox filled with sweets. Allentown, PA. Late August 2007.

Carousel And Calliope

A vintage classic... still rolling... still playing that timeless tune. You know the one... Dorney Park, PA. Late August 2007.

Bright Things

Fur. Steel. Glass. Electricity. Frozen treats. Friends... all the brightest things. Dorney Park, PA. Late August 2007.

Water Features

Machines that move the water and creatures that move around in it.
Dorney Park, PA. Late August 2007.

Rickety Scream Machine

It's old... It creaks... It has a visible shake when the cars pass over the rails at warp speed.
It's also buttressed by cables clamped onto stell poles at several turns. It's a specific kind of white knuckle thrill with a violent series of aggressive jolts. Dorney Park, PA. Late August 2007.

Slick Scream Machine

The Talon... which is absolutely AMAZING, both from beneath and when strapped into one of the floorless seats. Dorney Park, PA. Late August 2007.

Last Rides Before Sunset

Last chance for brain scrambling, white-knuckle thrills before the park closes. A glorious 7 pm in Late August 2007.

Neon Charcoal

From the road. Pennsylvania. 28 August 2007.