31 October 2018

The Psychedelic Furs (Live) 30 October 2018

Last night I had a great time with my friend 
Sean watching The Psychedelic Furs perform a 
set of classic songs that have aged extremely well.

34 years after I was entranced by the video for 
"The Ghost In You" I finally got to hear the song 
performed live with all of Richard Butler's signature
gestures and angular body language firmly in check. 

Thanks for a great show, P Furs... 
and thanks for all the years of great songs.

24 October 2018

Vaudelesque Two - Trapeze (2018)

From sketch to finish:
Images of the initial line work
through the fully painted piece

Pencil underdrawing in full...

First layers of watercolor

Second layer of flesh tones

Development of character clothing

Completion of characters

Development of background spaces

Development of floating objects
and repeated atomic medallion graphics

Christian Montone
Vaudelesque Two: Trapeze
Watercolor on board (2018)