30 September 2009

Marauders, Gunslingers, Spies & Agents

More from the "Action & Adventure" portion of my bookshelves.

Crazy Eights With Captain Kangaroo & Friends

Waxy decks of colorful rainy day fun from my collection.

And Now A Word From...

Novelty books from my bookshelves. Collected from here, there and everywhere.

28 September 2009

Lost River Caverns

The extremely fun Lost River Caverns of Hellertown, PA. Staffed by extremely dedicated and well-informed folks who have great reverence for this natural wonder. 28 September 2009.

At The Movies (Or Not...)

No matinee today! Closed-up movie house on the main drag in Hellertown, PA. 28 September 2009.

Roadside America: Shartlesville, Pennsylvania

The size and scope of the American landscape, miniaturized at Roadside America. Every 30 minutes, the massive warehouse-sized room is darkened into dusk and then night. At this time, Kate Smith's "God Bless America" is played and the terrain (bathed in carefully controlled dimness) is punctured by a thousand points of train set lamplight. 28 January 2009.