31 December 2018

Parting Glances: Goodnight 2018

One more city stroll.
One more diner visit.
One more slice of cake. 

One of my favorite albums of
all time (Mezzanine by Massive Attack) 
finally got a remastered vinyl release.

My Christmas tree looked good
surrounded by everyone's gifts.

Tatyana sent Steve a surprise.

My friends Steve and Kelly 
and I did our annual Christmas lights
drive / dinner / hangout etc. etc. etc.

Matzoh ball soup... ALWAYS.

Steve's house is, of course, a holiday winner.

This house always goes over the top.

I always visit the mountain top star.

Christmas Eve with Scott's 
family was a lot of fun as always.

Christmas Day with my folks
was wacky fun (as it always is).

This Snoopy ornament from 40 years ago
is still my favorite piece of Christmas decor.

Steve's cookies win everything.

Steve and Chancey are 
(of course) my parents' favorite children. 

Checking in with Debbie Harry (Part 1)

Checking in with Debbie Harry (Part 2)
I needed another hit of Warhol at The Whitney.

Debbie Harry at The Whitney
in the Andy Warhol's TV installation.

Superman (1961)

1969 version of
Warhol's Brillo Boxes (1964)

Brooke Shields on Andy Warhol's TV

My cousin Will and I 
recreate a 1982 photograph.

Father Pimpmas keeps it classy.

Scott and Chancey

The cousins are ALWAYS this well behaved.

Scott, Myself and The Twins

Mark and Alyssa

Clap on. Clap off.

Everybody always has fun together.

West Village NYC

The base of 5th Avenue and
the Washington Square Park tree.

A few more parting glances
of town and country in late December.
Something is always lighting the way ahead.

2018 was a great year in many ways.
One of those ways was in live music.
Here's to the artists I enjoyed live and in 
the flesh during this past year. As always, 
I'm looking forward to more in the coming year.

Many thanks to all of those who continue to
visit my page and view my photos and artwork. 
I've got some cool things in the works for 2019.

Stay tuned and stay illuminated... Love, CDM