28 February 2015

Vinyl Therapy: Father John Misty (2015)

The songwriting, instrumentation and production on Father John Misty's new album
 I Love You, Honeybear is fresh, classic and warm. It speaks to an earlier era of folk
  rock (think Phil Spector's knob-twiddling on The Beatles' Let It Be) with a measure of
  modern-day John Brion thrown in. The paintings by Stacey Rozich as well as the photos 
by Elizabeth Tillman and layout by Josh Tillman only serve to complete the experience.

25 February 2015

Shifting Skies. Shifting Seasons.

Stopping and looking as I work and play. Thinking back to specific moments 
of (what feels like) many lifetimes where I should have stopped and really looked
at everything, but didn't. As I watch spaces and events around me, I can't help 
but have the feeling that I will soon have new territories and terrain to take in hungrily.