30 October 2013

Instagrams: NYC Strolls

More strolls through Manhattan & Brooklyn: Autumn 2013.

Colors. Textures. Travels.

Late October 2013:
More time with Scott in Philadephia.
A surprise meet-up with a high school friend.
A phenomenal new double platter of fresh vinyl by The Arcade Fire.
Visual notes from work. Colors and textures of Autumn by daytime, dusk and dark.

28 October 2013

Anonymous Daytrippers: 1966 - 1967

This stash of charming 1966 - 1967 snapshots was scored on eBay fairly recently.  

I am completely beguiled by the whimsical joy and spirit of simple, uncomplicated fun in these 
quintessentially American images.  I can't help but wonder who these kids grew up to be or if they
 ever think back on the journeys that these photos depict.  By the way... LOVE that fire engine.

Hey guys... are you out there?  If so, drop me a line.