28 July 2008

Parked, Posted, Delivered...

Above: Behind the place where I got my ding'd windshield repaired.
Below: Lovely surprises. Thanks, Julie and Phoebe! 28 July 2008.

27 July 2008

Another Vintage Visit

Third Sunday visit in as many weeks. At home with the day's take. Happiness with a hole in the middle. 27 July 2008.


Afternoon & Early Evening.... Scott's house. Pool time, garden time and going out time. 26 July 2008.

Taxed & Tagged

That's New Jersey for ya! 26 July 2008.

24 July 2008


Jersey City. 23 July 2008.

Street Level Storm

A summer storm approaches.

Some things get left behind.
Some entire apartments get purged onto the sidewalk...
Other things just get wet. I just go inside.

West Village. NYC. 23 July 2008.

20 July 2008

New Jersey Incidentals

Bathroom Wall As Ashtray

Shopping Cart Kiosk

Handicapped Bikini Top. New Jersey. July 2008.

17 July 2008

Sky High Downtown

Would-Be 13th Floor (If not for the Mezzanine).

Looking South.

Looking East.

Looking North. NYC. 17 July 2008.