31 August 2011

August, Die She Must...

Hangin', shoppin' & eatin' with my pal Steve at the close of Summer 2011.  

30 August 2011

Assemblage: "Safe And Harmless" (2011)

"Safe And Harmless" (2011)
Assemblage: Mixed Media On Board
Size: 24 x 36 inches

Details Below:

In-Progress Detail Shots Below:

29 August 2011

1940s Psychic Hotline: Paper Edition

Super-rare vintage find: 1940s metaphysical booklet advising readers on several forms of psychic and astrological phenomena, including dream interpretation (viewable at full size by clicking each image).  It's always interesting to see the austerity and near-Biblical tone of such writings of this era.  By the 1960s, there seemed to have been a much lighter aura around these topics, reflecting what was perhaps their wider acceptance by a larger portion of the population.  

28 August 2011

Celluloid Scans: 1960 Kenner Give-A-Show Projector

Maverick, Popeye, Brutus, Olive Oyl, Oswald, Curly, Larry& Moe...
Scans from the 1960 Kenner Give-A-Show Projector, which was basically a glorified blue flashlight that magnified still images from celluloid strip comics onto any flat surface.  Though I've had this toy for about 10 years, I never bothered to look closely at the "show" inside until now.  It seems that despite the toy's age, the slide strips (whose images are seen here totally unretouched) were in fantastic shape. 
BONUS:  The "Maverick" actually looks like James Garner!

26 August 2011

iPhone Pics: Before The Storm

25 & 26 August 2011:  Waiting for Hurricane Irene.
Combing the land for goods and services, watching the skies for wind and rain.
Be safe, everyone.  Get to higher ground and hold on tight.