31 January 2012

Vinyl Therapy: The War On Drugs & Goldfrapp

Graphics from the 2011 "Slave Ambient" double LP by The War On Drugs.

This is an album I've been enjoying for quite a while.  Its release was followed by a great show at The Hammerstein Ballroom in the Summer of 2010. (Clicking the "Goldfrapp" tag below should bring you to those photos).  

I didn't purchase the vinyl of this gem until recently, however... and I am very glad that I did.  These images show the gatefold sleeve of the Vinyl-CD-Poster pack for "Head First", which was the band's send up of all things late disco and early 80s pop.  Think FM radio 1981, with a little bit of balladry and a few more ambient sounds thrown in.

28 January 2012

Six Days Of Everything & Nothing

Evening views from the comfort of my bed.

Smalls and hip shots from home (and its many things to see).

Colorful places that the evenings take me to.

A bright kitchen that greets me when I don't want to be awake so early.

A self portrait and a desktop shot... At work, filtered with the PicFX app.

More vignettes from home, from work, from play.

Got confirmation that some things should NEVER be bought in the Clearance Aisle... EVER.

Late afternoon and evening moments... Sketching and reflecting.

Watched Paul Newman in the (somewhat comedy / somewhat thriller) movie The Prize from 1964.

I stopped (as per usual) to capture more colorful moments at home and at work.

Finally checked into the Apple Store to say goodbye to my iPhone 3GS (and say hello to the 4S).

Looked at my Friday work day through the lens of the 8 megapixel iPhone 4S... It was really something.

Took an afternoon drive with the knowledge of a better camera attached to my phone.
I'd have to say its clarity and sharpness rivals that of my trusty pocket-sized Samsung L-100.

Spent a quiet Friday night to myself with records to enjoy and colorful spaces to enjoy them in.
Sketches for new mixed media pieces continue to develop.
 The energy that fuels the execution of finished pieces is beginning to gather.  Stay tuned (and stay illuminated).