14 April 2011

1950s Snowball Sequence

This slide from the winter of 1956 - 1957 was marked "neighbor's kids" and shows the terraced backyards of the two-family homes on Hoyt Avenue in Staten Island.

Here, my mother (at left) and Uncle Kevin look sweet as pie, but it wouldn't last long, folks... 

Something tells me a stray snowball from the neighbor's kids intervened and inspired the following...

I can just hear my grandfather saying, "OK now, Kevin... Kevin!  KEVIN!!! STOP THAT!!!"

OOF!  That had to hurt, Mom.  Someone looks like they could use a Nestle's cocoa.

Let the record show that my grandfather stayed back with camera at the ready and recorded this snowball assault for posterity.  I must say I'm a bit amused that he kept shooting and didn't intervene.

 Note To Mom:  It's OK... You were a total cutie pie here.

Kevin and Kathleen get the last laugh... "HA! Take THAT, Dad!"