30 June 2008

Abandoned Gulf Station

This was a Gulf Station until a few years ago. Surprisingly fresh looking despite the abandonment. They don't build them like this anymore. Main Avenue. Stirling, NJ. 26 June 2008.

The Shrine Of St. Joseph

Taking a walk in a place I have not visited in some time. Glad to know it is there in full flourish with its offerings intact and growing. Stirling, NJ. 26 June 2008.

22 June 2008

Memento Mori: Graves Of Chatham

Two wives, one headstone. They all sleep in Jesus.

Seems Mr. Peuker arranged to have some firewood for the afterlife.

Ida Dietzold Wynkoop is an amazing name in any century.

121 years old and this widow is apparently still among us.

Mr. Peter Howe is not only an architect and builder with an amazingly unique headstone, but he's also currently 173 years old. All that clean living, I guess! Chatham, NJ. 22 June 2008.

Through The Barbershop Window

Closed Sundays. My pal Steve & I sneaked a peak anyway. My shirt color makes a nice floor. 22 June 2008.

Behind A Stripmall

Why is there landscaping and a fountain BEHIND this Berkeley Heights stripmall? Only in New Jersey, kids... Only in New Jersey. 22 June 2008.

@ The Counter & @ The Back

The counter inside and a tangle of bikes behind Stirling House. Stirling, NJ. 22 June 2008.

Wacky, Tacky & True: Robert's Revenge

I could never decide if this place was tacky, genius or both. However, the fact remains: Robert's Lingerie & Flower Shop is going out of business...Pretty soon you will no longer be able to "Ask About R Hot Dress" but for now, they are having a Demolition Sale, which includes the entire contents of the building...

However, if you go around the back you can see that someone has decided to help themselves to THE ACTUAL BUILDING ITSELF and Robert is none to thrilled. He has responded to the thieves who are ripping the bright pink wooden siding off the building in blue spraypaint...

Apparently, there's "No Moe To Steal". Hamilton, NJ. 20 June 2008.