01 April 2011

Fabulous 50s Frocks & Pensive Party Priests

In the Fall of 1958, my Mom was a flower girl at her Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bill Lysenko's wedding.  As evidenced by the images below, the entire affair was a completely perfect exercise in festive midcentury elegance.  Everything was bright, warm and totally un-fussy.  Something tells me that Aunt Gloria (my grandfather's sister) wasn't a diva, brat or bridezilla.

Another really nice shot of my grandparents at the reception with my Uncle Kevin and Mom.  Kevin's side-eye is telling me one of two things: A.) He's either trying to figure out a stealth way to knock the bow off my Mom's head or B.)  He's trying to figure out how to make his way across the reception hall to swipe the plastic bride and groom from atop that ever so tempting multi-tiered cake.

My Mom is seen above with her slightly older cousin (also named Kathy) playing dress up as a bridesmaid.

Now THAT'S a party crowd.  Are we watching an Old Lady Lapdance here?

I'm loving this pensive, campy priest.  He was probably watching this go down...

"Oh, no you don't... Not too high, buddy.  There's a PRIEST here!"

It was such a lovely affair... Until that Ambrosia got stuck in Mildred's molars.