29 September 2007

Found Objects: Screwed-Up Kid Drawings

A motherlode of fucked up hilarity. Two wonderfully screwed-up kid drawings found on the steps near my condo. One of my neighbors' kids (and I think I know which one) was the artist of these gems. Added to my sketchbook right away. 29 September 2007.

28 September 2007

15 Shots: Three Days

Three days: To, from and @ work. Morris County, NJ. 26-27-28 September 2007.

Figures & Found Object: September 2007

Figuring out the figures... and the multi-faceted fleshtones for the next pieces of work.
Interesting found object: Photo from a driveway that had obviously been driven over a few times. 20-27 September 2007.

23 September 2007

September 2007: More Grappler Characters

Early - Mid September 2007 studies for "We Are Students Of Games And Leverage" diptych.

Sketchbook Collage Page: Intimissimi. D&G. Liquitex.

Brush cleaner label. Paisley giftwrap. Clothing label and hologram tags. Pieces of a shopping bag from Italy. Collected in one week of my life... ostensibly cataloged. 22 September 2007.

Last Official Day (And Night Ride) Of Summer 2007

Last official night of summer. A road sequence with Christian & Scott in Lambertville, NJ as well as Lahaska and New Hope, PA. 22 September 2007.