31 August 2009

Suburban Set Piece

Storm drain cage. Neatly manicured lawn. Perfect sky.
Goodbye, August. Hello, September. 31 August 2009.

Fun @ 33 RPM

Some inexpensive and entertaining items from a local Salvation Army. Fun at 33 RPM.

Available In White, Blue, Red & Black

Four colors of shoe polish from the 1940s and 1950s. Collected at flea markets and given as gifts from other collectors like myself.

30 August 2009

This Way Autumn Lies...

Summer says "Goodnight". Sunset in Basking Ridge, NJ. Taken with my cellphone. This way Autumn lies... 30 August 2009.

A Saturday In Late August

Randomness from the road... driving around Hamilton, Cherry Hill and Route 130 with Scott. 29 August 2009.

Our Most Popular Novelties

A 1950s Johnson & Smith Novelty & Toy catalog... picked up at one of my favorite used bookstores in New Jersey. Pages and pages of the best, most far-out, unrealistic junk from comic book advertisements of that era in one book.

Christopher Cool: Teen Agent

A collection of three books from the 1960s "Christopher Cool: Teen Agent" series that were given to me when I was very young. Back then, the cover illustration for "Mission: Moonfire" was my template for what I percieved to be the ultimate in grown-up sophistication and slick, worldly coolness.

29 August 2009

28 August 2009

Chalk Rocket In Progress (With Side Studies)

Continued work on the painting "Chalk Rocket" with side studies in a current sketchbook. 28 August 2009.

Tools, Munitions, Poxies & Pumps

More vintage items from the collection, amassed over the course of quite a few years. Depending on how you look at it, these either comprise a tool kit or an arsenal.