10 February 2008

NYC: Due East Along 13th Street

NYC in rain. Blurry and blustery against my coat and camera lens. Feast and famine shake hands (as they always do) along 13th Street. Walking east from 5th Avenue with Scott & Steve. On the way to meet Billy, Kelly & Bruce. 9 February 2008.

Siouxsie: Phone Pics: Irving Plaza NYC. 9 Feb 2008

Siouxsie + Mandatory Camera Check = Phone Pics Only....
The second of two sold out shows. A fierce performance of tracks from the new CD "Mantaray" as well as some older Banshees gems. For the latter catalog, she stuck to rarities and album tracks, performing few singles and making the audience (as well as this concert-goer and his band of merry-makers) VERY happy. Looking and sounding better than ever.

ADDED BONUS: The VIP area of the balcony ( in grainy cellphone splendor below) where savvy looky-loos could watch none other than a stunning Debbie Harry enjoying the show with a group of friends, smiling back at fans who called up to her every so often.
The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza Ballroom. NYC. 9 February 2008.

08 February 2008

The Antler Branch Sequence

This sequence of images was shot on 18 January 2008. I was only just able to edit them fully for a blogpost today and as you can see, the results are a bit haunting. I was always fascinated by this particular lone tree in a low-lying watershed area behind my home. I wasn't feeling well and could not really attribute this "feeling run down" to anything but possible bronchitis and decided to go for a walk with my camera for some fresh air. Little did I know that the haunting and somewhat stark nature of this space was a harbinger of what I would soon experience when being hospitalized 2 days later. Today, however, I look at these photos and feel quite good. That's the healing process for you... a learning experience. Sometimes we have no other choice but to accept our lot and push forward. The way out is (indeed) through. Spring Valley Boulevard. Basking Ridge, NJ. 2008.

Peeps 'N Roses

Getting back to normal... Resting up a bit while working hard at overhauling myself (and my life). Thanks to all who sent the staggering amount of cards, gifts, flowers and warm wishes by mail or e-mail or MySpace. The past 20 days have been such a physical and emotional rollercoaster for me and I want you all to know that I am doing everything in my power to not only heal and "come back" but also to improve and grow. No victim here, just someone with a lot of work to do. Many thanks to all. XOXO. 8 February 2008.

03 February 2008

Surgical Safari: Or How I Quit Smoking & Learned To Love The Lungs

Normally, I don't blog images from my life that are terribly private, but this set of images seemed like something I should post. These were taken by me with my cellphone in my hospital room and bathroom during a not-so-nice surprise stay of five days.

Below is one final, very telling shot taken by my friend Janie. The blurriness caused by her cellphone camera is actually rather appropriate for the feel of this day. My second surgical procedure had occured hours before and I had a hellish post-anasthesia experience, which I was only just coming out of during her thoughtful visit.
This was shot during an EKG that I was given after complaining of persistent chest pains. I told her (and all others) to remind me of the five days I spent with a drainage tube in my chest any time I complained that I wanted a cigarette. This photo alone should provide an excellent reminder.
I am using these photos to not only mark my stay in the hospital for a Spontaneous Pneumothorax (also known as a collapsed lung) but also to mark a time that has indelibly become a "line in the sand" for me. Though it may seem odd, I'm also using these pictures to celebrate the fact that two weeks on, I am declared healthy, improving steadily, eating and moving normally, working my way toward normal life. I am at home now, looking MUCH better than I was in these pictures, returning to work and no longer smoking cigarettes for the first time in 20 years. Morristown Memorial Hospital. Franklin Tower Room FA018.
20-25 January 2008.