22 April 2011

The Colors Of December 1956

Another gorgeous shot of my Mom and Uncle Kevin on "good behavior".  I don't think it had so much to do with the imminent arrival of relatives as it did the imminent arrival of a certain portly bearded man in a red suit.

My Grandmother, Joan Nelsen, is seen here (arms folded) pregnant with my Aunt Karen, who would be born 11 days after this photo was taken.  Joan's sister Marion is in the royal blue dress to her right.

Christmas was always a massive deluge of toys and games in our family... even before I was born.  These photos show a couple of the Nelsen kids' gift opening sessions: The requisite morning gift bonanza in pyjamas (above) and a later one (all dressed up) after the arrival of company.  

My Grandparents always told stories of struggling to make ends meet.
However, it should be completely clear that NOBODY in our family was starving.

My Grandmother:  The 1950s model of female domesticity: Pregnant and sweeping (in an apron).

Having been a New Year's Eve baby, my Mom always celebrated her birthday on or around the Christmas holiday.  Here, she is seen playing with other kids in the family, who seem to be entertaining the adults with their antics.  I 'd love to know what was going on HERE...

Happy Birthday, Mom.  5 is gonna be the best year yet... I can just feel it!