30 July 2015

Vintage Neon: Rosen's Of Hazleton, PA

While paying a visit to the town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania recently my
friend Steve and I came upon this vintage gem above the Salvation Army store.

We had been inside the rather large Salvation Army store before 
(remarking on the monolithic 1960s facade each time)
 however on this visit we were greeted by an extraordinary surprise.

It seems that the stark facade had been removed, exposing a 
beautifully preserved neon sign (which is either from the 1940s or 1950s) 
from an establishment called Rosen's. According to my Dad, who grew up
several blocks up the hill, Rosen's was a well-known department store.

Here is a 2012 photo I took of the facade covering the neon frontage...

The facade, though stained, had effectively sealed off the Rosen's sign
from the elements for several decades, preserving its colors quite nicely...

"Rosen's" is still visibly spelled out in the tiled vestibule after all these years.

I do wonder what will become of this beautiful sign and frankly, I'm 
amazed at how it was just covered over (tubing and all) without being removed
back in the 1960s when the original Rosen's probably went out of business.
Hopefully it will be carefully excised and so that a buyer, archivist
 or historian can claim and refurbish it. If I had the space and wherewithal, 
I would definitely consider buying it for my own home (or for resale).

As it stands now, The Salvation Army still inhabits this property (and it's still open).