30 November 2010

Poster Art: 1941 - 1965

Mid-Century American Posters by a variety of artists and designers including Ben Shahn,  Herb Brown, Paul Brand, Erik Nitche, Herbert Bayer and Lester Beall.

1968: Bill Johnson Illustrations

Illustrations by Bill Johnson from a story called "The Bait" in a 1968 Reader's Digest Condensed Book.

1968: Al Muenchen Illustrations

1960s illustrations from a Reader's Digest Condensed Book story called "Airport".

1964: POSTERS By George F. Horn

Excerpts from the cleverly illustrated 1964 instructional book "Posters" by George F. Hern.

27 November 2010

Zern's Flea Market Arcade: 25 Cent Rides, Flipper Buttons, Bonus Points, Cleopatra, Jumping Jack, Skee Ball & An Electric Chair

Since coming under new management, the once rather sad and dormant arcade at Zern's Flea Market has had a bit of a rebirth.  While I'm pleased to see the installation of some beautiful vintage pinball machines and the novelty of old style 25 cent rides, I'm a bit confused by the electric chair replica.

Piñatas, Dolls, Ornaments, Produce, Books, Trolls, Diamonds, Elvis, Velvet Unicorns & That Painful, Burning Itch


NOTICE: There are some things you should NEVER buy at a "dented can" store in a flea market.

What would a trip to Zern's be without Elvis, trolls or unicorns on velvet?
Just remember... Take care of that painful, burning itch someplace else.
However, if you have a painful, burning itch... You probably caught it here.
Zern's of Gilbertsville, PA.  26 November 2010.