23 November 2007

The Magnificent Tree

Steve's amazing tree.... Simply unrivaled, yet again. Kicking ass every holiday season. 22 November 2007.

What's That On Your Head?

...It's a Wig! Pink is the new black... A fun student with great style, testing one of her many wigs. At work. 21 November 2007.

20 November 2007

18 November 2007

October & November 2007 Studies: Color Tests, Backgrounds & Demos.

Daily incidentals. Color tests. Demos for students. Ephemera from my workplace. Side studies for backgounds of my new watercolor diptych. 17 October - 17 November 2007.

Grappler Studies: October 2007

Just before drawing out the finish boards for the "We Are Students Of Games & Leverage" diptych, these were the last few character scenarios selected and worked up for inclusion.
October 2007.

Scott's Big 'Ol House (And Barn): Part 3

A very quiet Saturday Night in Yardville, NJ. Holiday decoration begins. 17 November 2007.

17 November 2007

Wake Up. Look Right. Look Left.

Just outside my home on yet another picture perfect morning. Saturday. 17 November 2007.

Assemblage In Progress: Phase Three: Completion

The final layers of objects (matchbooks and 1960s wooden beads from a necklace made by one of my aunts in childhood) are added to the new piece I have been building for my home. A layer of matte medium is applied and allowed to dry.

Bolstered by 4 round hooks on the back and buttressed by drywall anchors, it is installed the same day it is completed, allowing me table space to continue my new paintings...

"Pop Gun Twist" newly completed and installed in my bedroom. 17 November 2007.