31 July 2016

Vinyl Therapy: Animal Collective (2016)

Sleeve paintings by Brian DeGraw (and stickers) from
the vinyl edition of the Painting With Animal Collective LP.

27 July 2016

Radiohead: Live At Madison Square Garden - 26 July 2016

At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon I decided to buy
a last minute ticket (from a third party site) to see the 
first night of Radiohead's US tour. Knowing that the two
NYC shows had sold out within minutes and that they were
only playing a handful of dates in America, I would have been
happy with a less than perfect vantage point. All I wanted to do
was get into the venue, listen closely and watch the show.

Well, my ticket karma seemed to be on point.
I ended up in section 109: First tier, side stage... Perfect.

The band hit all of the points of the arc of their storied career, 
debuting songs from A Moon Shaped Pool as well as deep cuts.
The capacity crowd was there for it in every way and I had as much
fun watching the tightly packed floor and bleachers cheer and roar
as I did watching the band perform an energetic (and sometimes 
frenetic) show that beguiled and hypnotized everyone in attendance.

Click the arrow below to view an atmospheric mashup
of video clips that I just added to my YouTube channel.

Thanks for a great show, Radiohead. 
I hope to see you onstage again very soon.