22 October 2007

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

Six images from a Monday Afternoon in my workplace. 78 degrees in late October. Students and staff cheering. Band blaring... A spirit week celebration. 22 October 2007.

21 October 2007

Burned & Abandoned On Route 1

It had been in this state for over a week... an old "little red schoolhouse" type building with a charming (and now charred) facade. Unguarded, un-bulldozed and open to all elements and passers-by, it stood in dormant, blackened silence. There wasn't so much as a roll of standard yellow "Caution" tape draped over the entrance to the property, which is right on Route 1 Northbound in South Brunswick. When I went back a week after first seeing it with my camera, I could not believe that it had been untouched. It appears to have been some sort of shop or storage facility due to the large amount of cardboard boxes of housewares I saw inside. Surprisingly, some of these boxes and items were largely intact and full of pristine white porcelain mugs. A bit macabre and a bit beautiful at the same time. 9:30 AM. 21 October 2007.

Saturday Night Walk

After dinner... Christian and Scott take the dog for a long walk.
A crisp evening stroll down some winding streets with small cottages to the lake with the fountain... over the highway overpass...

Two miles later... Scott stands before the new home he just bought and is waiting to close on. Until then, it lies in wait for its new owner in the dark (save for the glow of streetlamps which project the shadows of trees)...

A beautiful night spent enjoying the moment and anticipating the near future.
Hamilton, NJ. 20 October 2007.

Suburban Set Piece: Water Tower

Silently towering over and dwarfing all the 4 bedroom homes and mature trees of Hamilton, NJ. Visible from afar, rather transfixing up close. 8:45 AM. 21 October 2007.

20 October 2007

October 2007: Figure Studies & Reportage

Above: Reportage and Demos for students.
Below: Figure studies for newest diptych, which is currently being drawn out on final board.

It was gonna be a diptych, then a single panel...now it's a diptych again. I was going to trace and transfer my original sketches onto the final board, but then decided I wanted more immediacy and wanted more freedom to play with the details and gestures. Slowly, it builds... No rush. 20 October 2007.