05 March 2015

Lions & Lambs

Things I saw, heard, watched and walked through... March 2015.
I'm about done with snow and ready to see some flowers and leaves.

In the meantime, here's a fun blast from the past.
I did some digging and made a throwback split screen.
Fresh faced and thickly coiffed: Me at age 16 in 1989...

28 February 2015

Vinyl Therapy: Father John Misty (2015)

The songwriting, instrumentation and production on Father John Misty's new album
 I Love You, Honeybear is fresh, classic and warm. It speaks to an earlier era of folk
  rock (think Phil Spector's knob-twiddling on The Beatles' Let It Be) with a measure of
  modern-day John Brion thrown in. The paintings by Stacey Rozich as well as the photos 
by Elizabeth Tillman and layout by Josh Tillman only serve to complete the experience.