06 February 2019

Town & Country: Streets, Stages And Streaks Of Color

NYC has its own brand of winter color.

Somerset Valley Playhouse 
production of Biloxi Blues... Such fun.

The country knows how 
to burst out in its own colors as well.

My workplace remains as colorful as ever.

Some new Pet Shop Boys vinyl reissues of 
albums from the 1980s and 1990s on my turntable.

A very nice alumni visit from Nicole and Brandon.

30 years later and I am STILL in awe 
of the postmodern masterpiece that is
Paul's Boutique by The Beastie Boys.

We haven't gotten significant snow in 
a while but we have had a few squalls.

Sometimes I'm just an overpaid dishwasher.

And sometimes everything
is such a beautiful mess.

Morning magic comes in
one minute earlier each day.

Another very nice alumni visit from Marianna.

Hello suckers! It's me again.

Many more moons to go
but 2019 is off to a beautiful start.