01 July 2015

A Perfect Day In Early Summer

I had the pleasure of spending a lovely early summer day
with my friend Kristen, who I don't get to spend much time with.

The venue for our excursion was the dense, lush and rather pristine
Hacklebarney State Park in Chester, New Jersey... A spot we both love.

There's nothing like miles of multi-sensory wonderment, 
the sheer delight of spending time off the grid with a friend
 and a cool mist from the river and falls. Much love, Kristen!

28 June 2015

Morrissey - Madison Square Garden NYC

In fine voice and with high energy, Morrissey treated MSG to
a smattering of his solo work with a few Smiths tunes thrown in.
His ridiculously tight band was in full force, fine form and packed a wallop.

Morrissey took a moment to note how special it was to be performing in 
the U.S. (and notably in NYC) during Gay Pride Weekend amid the landmark 
marriage equality ruling that occurred on Friday (as opening act Blondie did).

Great set. Great energy... And I even got a hand slap from Moz... POW!