16 February 2020

Drives & Drawings: Pushing Forward Through February

Roadside silos in the winter sun

Scott's house... Mermaid still intact (for now).

Incoming and outgoing

Ivan Kral • Patti Smith Group 
12 May 1948 - 2 February 2020 
Thank You For The Songs • Rest In Peace

Sunset walks my halls

Looking for Gatsby

More pastel sketches in progress...

Sun lit Sunday afternoon

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Late day Saturday light

Scott and I j had dinner with The Earlybird Special Crowd 
in the chrome and cut glass opulence of the 1970s. 
We were the youngest people there. In the present moment
 we were served a glimpse of our future
 while surrounded by the past. Time is indeed non-linear.

STUDENT: Don’t you hate it when he doesn’t text you back? 
ME: Some of us don’t have that problem. 
STUDENT: Oh? You mean guys are still texting you in your 70s? 


Be fearless and take flight.

Zero Fox Given


Dirty sink is practically my new medium.

Happy 70th Birthday Peter Gabriel!

Meanwhile, back at the pond...

Chancey has no interest in sitting with me 
unless I have snacks for her yet somehow 
she’s still my parents’ favorite child. Go figure.

Lotsoh Matzoh... Why Notzoh?

Saturday. Driving. Errands.
 Spirit said “Pull over and snap a photo 
on the bridge.” and I did as directed. 
Snap. Snap. There they appeared in
 the first of two snapshots: A couple of warm, 
spectral glows in arc and wedge formation. 
Thank you, Spirit. You’re always with me.

Driving through the tempest toward springtime.
Let's keep pushing forward 'til the longer days are here.