29 June 2020

Coronacation (Part Seven) The Final Chapter

This is the final chapter of Coronacation.

We have transitioned into summer and while
the coronavirus is still a part of our global story, 
I'm no longer in the framework of an at-home, 
remote digital school year (hence the name 
"coronacation". Like many others, I'm working 
to have as "normal" a summer experience as I can, 
though in our shifting paradigm "normal" is 
however we work with what the new day serves us. 
Like it or not, Corona and all it has wrought will
still be present in future blog posts. Its presence will be
 evident in the absence of gatherings, events, concerts
 and close contact with others. Onward we move.

I love having the privilege of
walking ten minutes from my 
front door and feeling elsewhere.

I love to see creatures doing what they do.

I love the deep heat and a good sweat.

I watched June bloom and
gave it a spectrum flourish.

I catch reflections and rays.

Manifestation Conversation videos
continue with the help of many fine folks.
If you would like to see or hear what we're
 discussing please click the link below.
 If you are interested in participating, 
feel free to send me a message.

Clean windshield. Clear view. Emerging. 
More focus. Winding down the 20th school year 
at my workplace in a new and unorthodox way
 but with a new perspective for the future. 
New projects are building and I have a great deal of 
enthusiasm for all of them. Thanks to everybody
 in my life who continues to hold space for and
 support everything I’m creating. The best is yet to come.

When my friend Steve drops off pieces
of unicorn rainbow sprinkle cake at my door.

16 June 1990 • 30 Years Ago Today 

Depeche Mode • The Jesus And Mary Chain 
Nitzer Ebb • Giants Stadium • East Rutherford • NJ 

This was not my first DM show but it was both majestic 
and bizarre seeing DM in a 60,000 seater outdoor stadium.
 I’m pretty sure I know at least 1,000 people who were there 
or at least claim to have been there. Ticket stub and news 
clippings are from my personal archive.

Morning vibes... Nag champa 

That thing when you go to the supermarket and
 car wash and return home to a broken front door 
lock and can’t get into your own house so you’re 
in the park waiting for the locksmith to text you back
 to say he’s on his way over to break you into your
 own house and put new locks on your door.

Solstice Vibes

Happy Father's Day to THIS guy. 

Throwback - Staten Island Azalea (1975)

Electric Forest 1

Electric Forest 2

Electric Forest 3

Laying out collage sketchbook pages

Hello, Friend!

Checked in quick. Checked out quicker.
That's a wrap on School Year Number 20.

Farewell message. Parting glance. 

Maintenance workers run EVERYTHING.
Much respect. I miss you guys a great deal.

Postcard from my friend John.

Starbucks Speedway

First haircut in four months. Thank God!

One year ago, Pride Weekend NYC looked very different
 than it does this year. I spent World Pride Day in front of
 The Stonewall Inn (which currently has a Go Fund Me page
 to raise much needed donations) with a festive, tightly 
packed crew of parade watchers. I met MJ Rodriguez who
 plays Blanca on Pose as well as Dominique Jackson who 
plays Elektra Abundance. I got a high five from Governor
 Andrew Cuomo and exchanged hugs and kisses with
 many, many, many parade marchers who passed by the 
barricade to make the historic Stonewall a commemorative
 photo op stop. It was joyful, colorful, close, sweaty and inclusive
 of every race, language, size, shape and energetic signature.
 I also need to mention this: It was completely peaceful. 
My evening ended at Pier 97 where I watched Madonna perform
 a concert for a few thousand lucky ticket holders followed 
by fireworks over The Hudson River. Any one of these events
 would make for a great day, but all of these within the 
space of 12 hours? Unthinkable now. Pride 2020 is different,
 as I’ve noted. Other global events are taking precedence 
and have separated us in a number of ways. Whoever you are,
 whatever you are, wherever you are or however you’re
 celebrating, Happy Pride to you from the bottom of my 
kaleidoscopic heart. WE WILL ALL DANCE TOGETHER AGAIN!

Another Pride Weekend Memory (2015)

Blondie opening for Morrissey at Madison Square Garden. 

This was one day after the Supreme Court ruled that same 
sex marriage must be recognized in all 50 states. Debbie 
wrapped herself in the Pride flag at the close of the show,
 jubilantly wished everyone a happy gay pride and made a 
statement to the crowd about love and equality. With that 
one gesture, an already fantastic evening of live music was
 made historic and forever linked this show with a culturally 
significant “where were you when” global event for me. 
Thanks for everything, Blondie... Then, now and always.

One Last Gay Pride NYC Memory (1997)

Christopher Street (just west of 7th Avenue) was my vantage 
point that year. I distinctly recall taking these shots with a 
disposable 35 millimeter Kodak camera. Later on I joined some
 friends at Twirl on West 23rd street (near The Chelsea Hotel)
 where I spent much of the evening reclining on one of the 
club’s large beds that surrounded the dance floor. Each one
 was made up with white sheets and (partially) canopied 
with sheer white harem style curtains. In between “bed breaks”
 for drinks, I danced completely transfixed by a live drummer 
who was in a corner of the dance floor murdering a drum kit
 over the house music booming through the club’s sound 
system. At some point very late that night I made my way back 
toward Christopher Street for a stroll on the packed West 
Side Highway and piers only to find myself walking alongside 
makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin who was smiling broadly and 
repeatedly kissing a close male companion. At another
 point that night (or perhaps early morning) I strolled 
eastward again through piles of confetti, streamers, feathers, 
beads, bottles and cups to hop a subway back to Brooklyn. 
Pre-9/11 NYC was a lot of fun. It was a time of transition in 
the city and also for me as I was in my 20s, working, living, 
running up and down the streets experiencing life and figuring
 out creative moves for the future. All of those streets led me 
(safely) to the life I have today and I am grateful. 

Happy Pride to EVERYONE!

Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure? 

If Chic made an album with The SOS Band, 
Prince, ABBA and Donna Summer this would be it. 
Album Of The Summer And The Year 2020. Quote me.

Magic Will Find You If You Let It In 

It’s the last Sunday of June during a strange year that has
 changed our social landscape. Pride Day is still being celebrated
 all over the world today in varied and creative ways,
 many of them remote or virtual. In this, we see the following: 
There is a thread of non locality that connects us all. It’s in our
 shared, universal heartbeat. It’s in the music some of us create,
 love, share and the memories each of us ascribes to it. It’s in the
 thoughts and messages we send to one other. Its in all facets of
 the artistry we render, display and admire. It’s in the myriad ways
 we create ourselves and show up for the world. Let’s all continue 
to create ourselves and hold space for how others evolve.
 Let’s co-create and not compete. Let’s design and not destroy.
 Let’s just decide to love. Let’s just decide to live.
 Happy Pride to all of my LGBTQ friends and
 all of our allies. BE YOUR OWN PARADE.