15 January 2019

Hello 2019! Nice To Meet You.

I welcomed a new year with friends.

Celebrations and statements of intent.

Rest in peace, Captain.

Sometimes I am a very overpaid dish washer.

Some days look like incoming space ships.

Esteemed alum Sebastian stopped by again
before his US Army Infantry deployment to Jordan.

More food, fun and loved ones...

ALWAYS check in with Debbie Harry. ALWAYS.

The holidays are over on Bleecker Street.

Bowery looks very fluffy.

Happy 72nd birthday in Heaven, Bowie!

Another alumnus, Valentina, is headed
for US Army training in medical engineering.

Jockey Hollow retains its magic.

Students surprised me with a birthday shit cake.

My 46th birthday portrait.

My friend Steve, ever the baking genius, 
created amazing treats for me once again. 

Family and alumni helped me
blow out 46 candles with much love.

I am very grateful and take none of this lightly. 

As always, there was thrifting.

And as always, 
things are colorful and loud.

Fresh new vinyl keeps spinning.

My classroom is still a party.

We said goodbye to Carol Channing.

We drive off into a new year of magic and wonder.