17 September 2018

The Long, Slow Fade

Courtyards and creeks

Chalk marks and cross walks

Signs and screens

Promenades and plastic bags

Sanctuaries and sweet berries

Fallen, shorn and stretched

Evenings of theatre 
with friends in familiar places

Drizzle, spray, paste and splatter

Basquiat and baubles

Directions and confections

Another school year begins

Everything falls into place

Shoes on point. Spiders in the joint.

So many webs to walk through

So much to ponder

Origin stories and ethnic roots

Family ties and toasting fires

Long looks at long shadows

Shorter days that allow
evenings to stretch on forever

Neon nights at the roadside

Memories of how it was 
and the reality of how it is now

Square jewels and blue skies

Street corners and steep climbs

To be looked at and to
have yourself reflected back

Spires and scaffolds

Portals and prosceniums of light

Anniversaries marked 
and seasons closed out

Some greens and pinks
take their final summer bows

We settle into a new kind of sun