21 April 2011

PJ Harvey Live @ Terminal 5 NYC

This was perhaps one of the most elegant live shows I've ever seen.  Miss Harvey & Company delivered a stirring and sparkling set which showcased her newest album "Let England Shake" and featured a few surprise deep cuts from earlier albums.  Much like each one of her studio albums, this performance created a timeless, ageless space that I've seen no other contemporary artist create.  Many thanks to Billy, Kelly and Jeremy for sharing this fascinating night of music and mystery with me (and, of course, thanks to Polly Jean for the ever-present magic).

SET LIST:  Let England Shake - The Words That Maketh Murder - 
All & Everyone - The Big Guns Called Me Back Again - Written On The Forehead - In The Dark Places - The Devil - The Sky Lit Up - The River - The Glorious Land - The Last Living Rose - England - Pocket Knife - Bitter Branches 
- On Battleship Hill - C'Mon Billy - Hanging In The Wire - The Colour Of The Earth 

ENCORE: Big Exit - Angelene - Silence