30 September 2011

Game On! > Ideal Trick Shot (1960s)

I purchased rather glorious empty box (for a dollar) strictly for use as collage/assemblage source material.
I continuously run across toys and games from this era whose collective objective seems to involve shooting, target practice and other forms of general sniper-ism that aren't quite as elegant as classic archery, but were probably loads of fun in backyards and rec rooms.  I can only imagine the myriad ways in which each was mischievously misused.

28 September 2011

Kitsch Supreme: 1960s Big-Eyed Mods

I was given this mouse-chewed box by a flea market vendor who just wanted to get rid of it.
I was happy to accept, knowing it would be trimmed down into boldly colorful collage material.
As a kid in the '70s and '80s, I used to find old toys, notepads and pictures with big-eyed mid-to-late '60s graphics like this (most likely childhood leftovers from my Aunt Karen and Aunt Susan) stashed in closets or basement storage areas of my grandparents' house.  I was not only completely transfixed by them, but I somehow understood the sheen of value (and patina of unintentional humor) that these tacky little figures had acquired over time.  
Luckily, I was able to rescue a few.  That said, I get an even bigger giggle when I find them in my travels.

27 September 2011

Found Objects: Defaced 1952 Calendar Girls

BONUS CONTENT: Found under the cardboard tray of a vintage game.

Two defaced pages from a 1950s pinup girl calendar.
Clearly, this was the work of either a disturbed boy or a jealous girl.
Surmising that this was the work of a boy, I wonder how many divorces and arrests he had later on.

25 September 2011

Swinging High & Other Monkey Shines

Four frames from a 1960s kids' coloring set...  
A kitschy score from the Saylorsburg outdoor flea market.
The swingin' gal (which somehow reminds me of Richard Prince's "Nurse" paintings) was gifted to a friend.
The other items in this colored pencil collection will be collage fodder.

24 September 2011

Bummer: Strep Throat

Big 'ol mess of aches and pains.  Many thanks to Dr. Ehrlich for taking such good care of me (yet again). 

22 September 2011

Game On! > Concentration (1962)

I have an older version of this game with a bolder, more illustrative box, so this one was mined for assemblage / collage material.  Nice item, though... and a veritable treasure trove of early '60s graphics in and of itself.  I bet this game was a real family event (in its day) when brought out for an afternoon or evening of game time entertainment.