30 April 2011

Baby New Year 1955 & His Kiddie Counterparts

YES... That is a grown man in a diaper.  
NO... I don't know who it is or whose house this was.  
NO... I didn't know that my Grandparents went to THOSE kinda parties either, guys.  
Hmmm... (scratches head). This really is quite a turn, isn't it?

My Mom and Uncle Kevin await the arrival of 1955 in front of the cardboard fireplace.
Four years later, The Nelsens would have a beautiful brick one in their newly-built home on Todt Hill.

Let the Epic Christmas Onslaught Of Toys & Games BEGIN!

One of my cousins opens a brand new Buffalo Rifle... "You'll shoot your eye out!"

My Grandmother Joan, age 26.  A gorgeous hostess in her holiday finery.

 Despite the much- storied tightness of money, let the record once again show that NO ONE was starving.