26 April 2012

Pictures Of Things That Happened This Week

Scott and I went bowling with some friends of his on a Sunday afternoon.
I don't care how badly I bowl (having been my first time in ten years)... I had a great time.

I got a follow on Twitter from Smashing Pumpkins... Pretty nice company to keep.

Scott and I watched ourselves in the reflection of a diner pie case.

We got some quiet time among the flora and fauna at Scott's house.

I snagged some random roadside whatnot.

Dad blew out 63 candles and my pal Steve helped us celebrate with a quiet Italian dinner...

Steve was kind enough to snap my folks and I (with Chancy) to mark the occasion. 

I saw bright mornings and colorful afternoons...

Even the cloudier days seem less grey with the added bonus of earlier sunrises and later sunsets.
This way Summer 2012 lies... BRING IT ON.

23 April 2012

Americana: Roadside & Retail

Notes from another fun day of flea marketing with my pal Steve.
More vintage swag, classic roadside Americana and slices of hilarious WTFness.
Wind Gap, Zionsville and Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania.  April 2012.