24 November 2011

Thanksgiving Fun With The Montone Family

As per usual, all was elegant, fun and warm at my folks' house for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Even the fearsome Tree Bark Bear traded in his growl for a friendly glow.

The green moss lay brightly in the afternoon sun after a day of damp, grey cold.

Dad enjoyed some football before the guests arrived... And then it got noisy and colorful.

My Cousin Amanda unleashed her inner guido with the JuicyFruit iPhone app.

Even the fake bird in my Mom's terrarium looked happier than usual.

Meal time fell upon us as the sun went down... And we gathered.

After dinner, some of us stayed to have "state of the world" discussions while others strayed...

One of my cousins retired to the living room to do Nursing School work.

Some of us walked about looking at photos from recent years.

Some of us continued to stay in the heavy post-dinner discussion while others cleared the table.

Some of us just decided to be wacky, fun and irreverent... Imagine THAT!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.