10 November 2011

Recent Sketchbook Pages: 2011

Content and character studies for new paintings. 
Drawing: August / Sept. 2011.  Watercolor: Sept. / Oct. 2011.

Extracted areas of 2004 mixed media works that are being used as reference for new pieces.

And as always, there's room for fun with found objects (and other debris).

I know it's been a while since I've done a sketchbook upload.  It was indeed time.

These pages were preceded by a short break after finishing an extremely time consuming (but rewarding) project that took 17 months to complete.  Due to the fact that I was working closely with a collaborator who developed the intellectual property that my artwork was based on, I'm not comfortable sharing any images (sketched or finished) from the project just yet.  However, once there is more to say about the work and its formal public outing, I will be sure to share the sketches and some of the notes that went into developing that specific body of work. 

Trust me... It's pretty damn special (and worth the wait).