18 November 2011

Short Stream: Five Instagrams

An early 2000s collage I made for my folks, hanging in their TV room.

A matchbook I procured for my folks, showing the venue of their 1971 wedding reception. 

Early morning at work: Acrylic palette, wet with color.

Mid-morning, same day: Dusty white imprint from where a bird in flight met a plate glass window.

...And an out-take from last weekend: Stone sidewalk dog in Summit, NJ.

Creatively, I've been busy with more sketches for upcoming paintings these days.
I feel that fairly soon the time will be right to commit the ideas fleshed out in these notes (and the images that developed from them) into the finished pieces I've been imagining for a while.  It's just something that has to be in a certain wind under a certain kind of light beneath a certain arrangement of stars.  The muses may have arrived, but the stage must be properly set for certain things to take place.

In addition to what's stated above, enjoying the relatively new spirit of freedom in my personal space has been really nice.  The events of the past couple of months (personal shifts and big changes) have not been without their understandable moments of worry, doubt or big questions, but they seem to have set me down rather nicely in a comfortable space of knowing, security and (above all) open-heartedness.  

I can't argue with THAT combination... Onward!