15 July 2007

Hey! Whadda You Doin' ?

So here I was, just before sunset... another South Jersey parking lot...snapping away when I hear a beckoning whistle off to my left... it seemed the proprietor of the establishment was curious about (and amused by) my actions.
HIM: "Hey! Whadda you doin'?"
ME: "Takin' a picture of your sign..."
HIM: "Why?"
ME: "It's cool... I like it!"
HIM (smirking): "You wanna buy it?"
ME (shrugging): "I have no place to put it..."
HIM: "What about Vegas?"
ME: "It WOULD look cool there, ya know!"
Moments later, he and his employees put the lights on for me... they smiled and watched as I shot more pictures. Of course, I thanked them with a thumbs up and was on my way.