05 July 2007

2006: Sketches And Studies For "Muscle Memory".

Redraw from original 2005 concept sketches. Late Summer 2006.

Another sketch based on original concept sketches and my photographs from the prior year. Late Summer 2006.

Studies from my photographs and vintage postcards as well as vintage photos collected online. Late Summer 2006.

A sketch two of the inset images for "Muscle Memory" from my photos of the Asbury Casino before its demolition.

Sketches for backgrounds for "Muscle Memory" based on views from vintage postcards.
Asbury Park in both its heyday and a more abandoned state are being repurposed and reimagined as the setting for a diptych on canvas inspired by Bruce Brown's 1964 film "Endless Summer". Late Summer and Early Fall 2006.

Character figure sketch for "Muscle Memory". 2006.

Fall 2006 color test in watercolor. Figures and color saturation inspired by the 1964 Bruce Brown film "Endless Summer".

Another Fall 2006 color test inspired by the 1964 Bruce Brown film "Endless Summer".
This piece would later be completed in acrylic rather than watercolor.

Transfer sketch on trace paper... transfered to canvas. 2006.

Sketches of vintage cameras from my collection for inset images. Late 2006.

Transfer sketch of figures for "Muscle Memory" on trace paper. Transfered to canvas. 2006.

Color test for background of one of the figurative insets. Palace Amusements. 2006.