16 July 2007

Belle Mead: Harlingen Reformed Church Cemetery.

A child's grave: Paul Newton. Son of Lewis and Jane Apgar. 1864.

An 1867 grave stone broken and stacked into 3 pieces.

Leaning into its neighbor as if to whisper.

James Van Pelt's 1878 grave stone... broken and lying in state.

One of a few leaning grave stones, only this one is surrounded by other broken markers and accompanied by what looks like a burrow hole from a groundhog... or a sink hole.

Another broken grave marker with another burrow or sink hole near it. Its missing top piece was covering a sink hole near another grave.

Another grave stone broken in three and completely off its pediment.
Higgins family graves.

Forgive me, but is there a party goin' on in this monument? Too good to pass up. Someone on the Weird NJ message board told me that this one is a zinc grave and that if smacked, you will hear a ping like a bell. Metallic resonance from the afterlife?
Harlingen Reformed Church Cemetery. Belle Mead, NJ. July 2007.