20 July 2018

Beck & Jenny Lewis: Live In NYC - 19 July 2018

Last night I saw Beck perform live for the first time
on his Colors tour at Madison Square Garden. He and his
band were as loose and funky as I thought they would be.

After spending the first few songs in my seat in Row 12
I decided to walk down to some empty seats near the monitors
at the side of the stage. These were unsold and provided a great
side stage view from which to enjoy the band and the crowd.

Jenny Lewis, Beck's opening act, joined the 
headliner for "Lost Cause" and "Where It's At".

The evening ended with a tambourine dance line
and a full arena sing along. I think Beck spotted me.

Jenny Lewis, another artist whose work
I enjoy, opened the show with dreamlike, lush pop.

This was my fourth concert in 
ten days and I'm ready for a little break.

One of the nicest moments from last night was running into my
college friend Maura and her family before the show. It's always 
great to run into excellent people you haven't seen in a while.