22 July 2018

A Broadway Moment: Bette Midler In Hello, Dolly!

Yesterday afternoon a group of us saw Bette Midler 
as she reprised her Tony-winning role in Hello, Dolly!

Scott, Steve, Tracey and I could NOT
have been more ready. Steve and Tracey had
seen it some months ago but Scott and I had not.
We were all very excited to see Bette and David
Hyde Pierce in roles that have now become iconic.

I knew I would enjoy seeing these legends in these 
storied roles but I had no idea how much they would 
beguile, enrapture and hold us all in complete awe.

Below are some curtain call photos...

Post-show, Trudie Styler was waiting to be
let in the stage door. I'm pretty sure she was 
wise to my over the shoulder selfie tricks.

HUGE thanks to our friend Steve for treating us 
all to tickets to such a spectacular theatrical event. 
I am so grateful that we all got to share this experience.