30 October 2011

During & After The Snowtober Nor'easter

29 October 2011:  A Nor'easter dumped inches of heavy, wet snow on us.
Trees (already heavy with leaves that had not yet been shed) cracked and lost limbs.  The sounds of cracking branches, police and fire sirens and gusty winds could be heard throughout the darkness created by power outages all night long.  With all Saturday night plans foiled by hazardous driving, a lack of electricity keeping the furnace from lighting and any creative efforts stalled by a lack of available light, I tucked myself into bed relatively early. 

On Sunday Morning, with power restored, furnace fully engaged and bright sunlight illuminating everything, the post-storm scene was considerably warmer and more beautiful (to my eyes anyway)...

ABOVE: Behind my house at 9 AM.
BELOW: Lyons VA Hospital Golf Course at 11 AM.

ABOVE & BELOW: Checking in on Mom & Dad (who were without power for a while).