28 October 2011

Nineteen Little Pictures (And The BIG Picture)

Several days in the life of my iPhone... Images filtered with PhotoStudio and Instagram.

Been a bit quiet as of late, but mostly putting up some archived drafts from the past few weeks with a nod here and there to current events and seemingly abrupt (but necessary) life shifts.

I've been figuring some things out and getting back to me, mostly... Getting centered and examining the things that are important, the pieces that were missing, broken or misplaced in the shuffle of the last few years and getting real about what I need to do to complete the picture of my life as I plan to live, celebrate and share it.

I've had excellent guidance from family, friends (as well as from prayer) and have had much to consider, reflect upon, forgive, forget, remember and carry as lessons in what a very knowledgable author once called "Life School".  That said, I know that we can't look to others to heal us and answer all of our questions.  We have to decide to heal ourselves and can only work with those we know and trust.  In that, we must accept the counsel of those who can see through us and even tell us things we oftentimes don't want to hear (but know is true).  I'm extremely blessed that such folks have seemed to arrive (as if on cue) at the precise moment when I've needed to share difficult feelings, accept difficult realities and test my own motives, desires and courage when making (and living with) decisions that affect not only myself, but others.  I've also been given (and sit with) the knowledge that any new blessings that come my way will be a direct result of my being ready to identify and receive them with an open heart, a patient hand and a peaceful mind.

What I've gained from this time (so far) is this:  I'm a bold, creative spirit with much to share and I need to surround myself with people who appreciate that and plan to share their unique creativity (whatever it entails) with me.  I've learned (both from others and within myself) that I have grown tremendously over the past few years and deserve to be acknowledged by those who recognize that and continue to help me to grow (as I will surely help them).  I've come to see more and more evidence of how deeply loved I am by my family and and a diverse tapestry of trusted friends.  I've also learned that I deserve to be surrounded by those who want to be welcomed into that fold while equally sharing their own family and friends with me.  I've learned the power of my thoughts, words and actions and I see that I need to continue to surround myself with people who understand (and respect) the same properties in themselves.  Most importantly, I've learned that my heart is truly sacred and that I deserve to share it with those who only seek to share themselves with me in an equally honest, kind, loving, respectful and generous way.

Oh... and yes, I am working on sketches for new paintings.
In addition, there will be more vintage fun, cultural archaeology and creative photography soon.
Watch this space.  Don't worry... I won't disappoint any of you guys.  I got this.