09 October 2011

Things I Saw At The Flea Market Blitz

Saw this Barbie Makeup Mannequin in what is best described as a glazed and smiling hula dance pose.

Saw the worn out snack wagon that never seems to move.  I'm sure its last nacho run was ages ago. 

Saw a barn with two hearts above its massive door.

Saw Autumn-colored fields in a classic pastoral scene.

Saw that strange old inn that only ever seems to be used for Halloween Haunted House events.
I'm sure most of the attendant ghosts came with the place... Cheap labor?

Saw bunches of vegetables that were fresh from the orchard.

Saw what can only be described as a Crazy Italian Grandma Lamp.  
It's been sitting in place for over a year and nobody seems to want it.  
Good prank gift?  Hmmm... Smart ass friends better watch out!

Saw a landscape of candy laid out like so many squares of crops.

Saw peaks and valleys of rainbow popcorn getting shoveled into bags.

Saw this sweet 1950s piece of fishing-themed kitsch swag, but left it where it was.
Used headwear of unknown origin?  Perhaps useful as wall decor, but not as headwear for me.

Saw this fantastic vintage Pac-Man pinball game.

Saw Elvis Presley keeping time with his guitar.  He's alive, well and living outdoors now.

Saw this sweet little barn/shed that always beguiles me when I stroll over the hill to say hello to it.

Saw a former student from 9 years ago at a snack bar... Fantastic surprise! (Love this gal.)

Saw The Sacred Heart three different times in three different incarnations at three different flea markets.

Its repeated appearance was truly (and almost jarringly) well-timed yesterday.  

This was a Blessed Trinity of sorts that I couldn't seem to ignore (nor could I seem to shake off).  Though I'm not religious, The Sacred Heart is something that resonates with me in a way that other religious imagery does not for the depth of feeling, weight of emotion and connection to the spirit realm it represents.  Over time, this resonance has only deepened because (as if on cue) it always seems to make itself known whenever I'm faced with "big" questions.

Let's just say that sometimes characters and themes from the past have a way of re-emerging when our focus is elsewhere.  When these blessings, curses (and combinations of the two) re-appear without warning, figuring out the motives or messages therein can be confusing and upsetting.  While spending the day adventuring from market to market with my crew, this topic continued to play on my mind.  Seeing variants of The Sacred Heart staring out at me from three different walls felt like a watchful smirk from the heavens.  In seeing it, I felt reminded that if we're smart, right-minded and respectful, we can react to our confusion with care for ourselves and for others.  Hopefully, given this formula, we will find ourselves spoken back to directly, truthfully and with integrity.

In the interim, as I await more information, I'm just doing what I do.
Healing, resolution and closure... It's possible.  Failing that, my natural course will surely continue.