02 May 2011

Scenes From Storyland Village 1955

In mining the archive of my family's 30-odd years of 35MM slides, many things have become utterly remarkable to me.  One such detail is how some simply-shot photos by one or both of my Grandparents on a family outing to Storyland Village in Neptune, New Jersey can hold so much rich feeling.  While some of the images that I've unearthed are compromised by discoloration, dust or scratches, a vast majority of them are crystal clear and bold with Kodachrome hues.  For instance, the saturated colors and quality of light in this particular series of images still hold a joyful palette that's a lot like the Technicolor cinema gems of the time period.  

There will be NO huffing, puffing or blowing THESE houses down.

"Locked her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well..."

Hey diddle diddle, there's a cat and a fiddle... 
Sadly, the cow was largely cropped out of this particular moon jump.

Not QUITE The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe...
Though my Grandmother Joan would eventually become mother to four children, grandmother to five and Favorite Aunt to many others, only my Uncle Kevin (in overalls) and Mom (in doorway, at front) were hers at this time.  
The beloved (and sadly, taken too soon Cousin Janet) is seen behind my Mom at right.

A painted and costumed clown bids my Grandmother (carrying Uncle Kevin) farewell as Mom looks one.