28 May 2011

From The Archives: Out In NYC > The 1990s

Lush at Irving Plaza.  May 1996.

Bjork at The Hammerstein Ballroom.  May 1998.

Suede At The Supper Club.  May 1997.

ABOVE: Duran Duran in-store appearance at the now-defunct Sam Goody.  April 1995.
I was not only amazed that there was a line all the way around the block for this event, but I was also amazed at the enormous spill over of fans (and local news crews) onto 6th avenue.  
It temporarily shut down traffic for some very angry NYC motorists, but made for a great moment.

BELOW: Duran Duran at Roseland Ballroom.  November 1997.

BELOW: A strange little Duran Duran footnote.
John Taylor (during his 1997-2001 hiatus from the band) doing a one-off semi-secret 
solo show as part of the CMJ New Music Festival at Sidewalk Bar in the East Village.

It was the second time I'd talked to JT and I (once again) found that he was just as 
friendly, open, engaging and unpretentious as he was said to be by others who'd met or worked with him.
I was (at the time) sad that he'd left such a great international pop supernova such as Duran Duran (which even THEY will now admit was on its last legs) but he would later rejoin the DD fold to create new, exciting albums and help them achieve a rather stunning return to form.