28 May 2011

Archive: 6 Pieces Of A Panoramic

Click, save and print the six images above, lay them left to right (starting with the bottom image) and you have a panoramic view of the Brooklyn Waterfront and the East River as seen from South Street Seaport in January 1997.  I shot these on a "drawing day" with some friends using my old Minolta (which I haven't touched in ages).  Going through page after page of negatives, I've noticed nicks, scratches and debris on a lot of the images.  For some reason, though, these don't bother me too much.  I'd normally expect myself to feel as if though they compromise the images in some way, but in fact I feel as if though a lot of these pictures look like they've actually been somewhere.  I guess you could say that they feel like the times and places in which they were taken.  Perhaps they represent the distance between the place in my life in which I shot them and the place I am currently viewing them from.