14 May 2011

Cap Guns At The Table And OTHER Hits Of 1954

Images from Summer 1954: My Grandmother with my Mom and Uncle Kevin.

Mom and Uncle Kevin brave a vinyl kiddie pool on a hot day and play with their cousins.

Unmarked Summertime Slide.  Sometimes my Grandfather's eye was just astounding.

Mom on her third birthday (above) and on Christmas Morning (below).

Let the record show that my Mother was NEVER a morning person.  Even at age three.

Another Christmas... and yet MORE amazing Christmas loot.

My Great Uncle Richard and Great Aunt Marion with their son Ricky.
Ummm... Question: Who's grabbing at the back of Uncle Richard's swimming trunks?

My Grandmother, the bathing beauty... On one of many trips to the Catskills and Adirondacks.

Summer 1954.  My Uncle Kevin's first birthday party.  
First of all... Let's note that NO ONE here looks terrible happy.  
Secondly... Which genius let my cousin Ricky bring a toy cap gun to the table?