05 November 2017

Town & Country: This Way To Autumnland

It's NOT a party until Reba shows up.

When you hear a senior tell her friend, 
"The only D I'm currently getting is in psych class."

Surprise visit from Jennie, an alum who is 
one of the sweetest, kindest and strongest young
women I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.

A flea market find helped me (somewhat)
recreate a photo of myself from Halloween 1976.

The Pumpkin House never disappoints.

Season 2... Justice For Barb!

Choco Taco is LIFE.

When your Mom is also your dentist's assistant.

Hacklebarney State Park 
will always be one of my favorite places.

Whether town or country, every moment is a
tiny increment of time slipping into something else.