30 November 2017

Here's Bo!: Bo Derek Trading Cards (1981)

In 1981 the Fleer company issued a series
of 72 trading cards featuring the then-popular
Hollywood screen actress Bo Derek. These cards
contain images shot by her husband John Derek.

While there are images on the cards that show Bo
throughout the late 70s, many of the photos appear
to be production shots from the epic box office bomb
Tarzan The Ape Man, which John Derek directed. It's
likely that these cards were produced to market the film.

I had never actually heard of these cards until 
I was shown two full boxes (one full and unopened, 
another opened with a few packs missing) at a local
comics and collectibles store. They were such an 
oddity of early 1980s pop culture that I decided to 
buy both boxes. The full box sits in my collection as is
and the opened box was used to create a full set of 72.