16 November 2017

Blondie Live And In The Flesh

Blondie - 14 October 2017
Bergen Performing Arts Center
Englewood, New Jersey

In keeping with the visual theme of their
most recent album Pollinator, Debbie Harry
appeared wearing a bee-themed head dress
and a cape printed with bee wings containing 
a patch that read "Stop Fucking The Planet".

It's almost impossible for me to quantify or describe
how much the music of Blondie has meant to me for much
of my life so I'll just let the photos of their performance
do the talking. Having seen the band (and Debbie with other
musical line-ups) perform many times over the years, I can
say that on this night everyone seemed to be having more fun
than ever onstage. Songs from their most recent album Pollinator
sounded fresh and ferocious alongside decades-old favorites.

The musicianship, pacing and energy level was only 
matched by Debbie Harry's still indefatigable charisma
 and sharp vocal delivery. All of the above was served 
 with equal parts skill, playfulness and personality. 
40-plus years into their career as a band, they clearly still
 love what they do and enjoy sharing it with a live audience. 

This night was also special because I was able
to treat Scott, Steve and my parents to fourth row seats. The
tickets were a surprise for my Mom and Dad, who had only 
heard stories about their live shows but had never seen one.
They were not disappointed at all and enjoyed themselves 
thoroughly. Once again, thank you to Blondie for a lifetime 
of amazing sounds, great energy and wonderful live shows.